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Smart homes automation industry experts have a belief that an automated home will become a new norm.

Home automation has allowed us to control all the functions of our home with a mere tap on our smartphones.

From every function such as lighting, temperature control, music, door locks, doorbells to household appliances;

there isn’t much left that we can do with our fingertips. The switches and sensors that are the drive force behind

the smart functions in our homes actually become the eyes and ears of our smart homes.

So with a sensor installed in our pipelines would immediately alert us with a possible leak and smart switches

will aid in blinds or curtain control and make all the doors and window contacts accessible to us.


So, the smart homes of 2023 will not only see smartness in the home functions but also in the appliances.

A human effort in manage household work, cook dinner or brew a cup of coffee will be minimal.

With the right mobile app, you won’t require any physical interaction in feed yourself! No need for you

to come out of the warm comforts of your bed-covers and with the mere touch on a smartphone screen,

a hot beverage gets brewed in your smart kettle.

A little robot clean your house while you are comfortably tugged in bed is a dream come true.

You have given enough of your lifeblood and utmost effort in manage your home single-handed.

A new life of smart homes with a plethora of wonders knocks your door; embrace it will open arms

and see contentment run towards you.


The unique design and the countless hours of testing and engineering features make your appliances smart.

They are not a result of an overnight manufacture; they are created with the intention of smartness.

So a smart kettle in a 2023 smart home is a WiFi kettle that when connected with the house WiFi

enable the users to boil their morning tea with a tap on a screen.

Some appliances are designed in such a way that they do not require your presence at home to

control their work.

The app on the phone would allow users a remote access that let them set time and monitor

processes to a slow cooker or a coffee machine so that when they return home after a

tiresome day at work; their meals are ready.

Smart appliances in today’s homes will reduce human dependence. So with smart technology

being your right hand there isn’t much left that you can’t do.

Smart Products

As mentioned earlier, smart products do not come in the market overnight. They are the result of

years of research and test.

A vacuum reduces human efforts but smart technology makes this cleaning mechanism

one step ahead transform it into a Robot. A human-like machine fed with

clean instructions and have a built-in 360-degree vision calls for a stand-up applause.

With a 360 vision, the robot is featured to detect the tiny bit of dirt anywhere and will clean it.

it can be monitored and adjusted an accompany mobile app and that innovative smart technology

can be seen in 2023 smart homes.

Bear in mind that kitchen technology will not make food for you but it will aid you to be a better cook.

So if the oven in the kitchen become smart with digital thermometers and cameras they will help you in

monitor your food as they bake and the smart skillets will sizzle them at a precise temperature adjust

using a connected app.


The idea of sleeping on a mattress that measures how well you have slept has become a reality in 2023.

The launch of smart mattresses that makes use of sensor installed underneath them has made this possible.

The sensor works in such a manner that it impeccably delivers sleep analysis to the mobile app and also paves

way for control lights, sounds, and temperature of the bedroom to initiate a customized perfect sleeping environment.

With the sleeping performance controlled and communicated through the app users will have an insight on how

well they have slept and how much they need to improve their sleeping performance to lead a healthy lifestyle.


With the smart home automation stepping its foot in the market, the energy prices are skyrocketing.

As technology makes you invincible you can combat this issue in 2023, smart homes equip with your

home using a glow in dark smart energy tracker with a LED light.

With utilizing the magnetic restive sensors the energy tracker will wireless allow you to measure the house electricity usage.

This small yet innovative product will give you:

  • Full-time feedback using the glow in dark or ambient lighting feature
  • Send information and alerts to user’s mobile app of high energy wastage
  • Help you with energy reduction recommendations


A bed that adjusts and transforms with our sleeping pattern and ensures that you have your best sound

sleep ever is a now for real. The sleeping mattresses are embedded with such a smart technology that

provide quality rest.

Their adjustable bases deliver an outstanding comfort using responsive air technology, the smart furniture has

snore detection sensors and the foot of the beds automatically warms to make user drift into their sleep

with great ease.


Imagine a spa-like experience in a smart home of 2023. With smart showers that draw water for your

own bath and high tech, tubs induce brain relaxation and aromatherapy sessions from your mobile app.

This is the smart home of the future; there is no end to technological evolution and human mastermind behind it.

Smart home is an extremely creative concept in today’s world. As our homes get automated so does our mindset.

With time, even the strangest and far-fetched things will appear normal.

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If you are thinking to start automation solutions then here is easy to apply guide for you. Now many of the people are thinking on the practical basis to start this business. But many of them do not know about the correct guide. Here are the tips:


First, you have to find your target market and then you have to design and create a product accordingly and to compete with your competitor in the automation solutions market. You need to find a group and a bunch of people who are looking for your product. You can carry out market research studies and then you can get an idea that which products are more in demand.


You have to make your product compelling looking one for your audience. You have to describe its purposefully and completely. Try to explain these details to your target audience that what problems can be solved by your product. On your video services business website, you can add credentials about the people who have used your product. On your website, you have to make a strong guarantee for your product.


After finalizing your target audience and the type of product you will be delivering, then you have to start designing as well as building your website. You can only nail down this selling process of yours if you will design a catchy site. Just keep your site design simple looking and make it attention-grabbing on maximum notes.


Then you have to make use of a various number of search engineers so that the maximum number of target audience members can buy your product or try your services. You can get maximum traffic on your online business site if you will this pay per click advertising medium. This medium will generate maximum traffic for your business. This PPC medium will show up your site on search pages. You will get immediate heavy traffic by trying this tactic.


You need to build an expert reputation if you want to retain and survive in business website world. Try to earn reputation on the maximum notes. You can give information about your business and product to other websites free of cost. You can give away the free content of your product, you can create and make articles about your business product, and you can market your product on different directories and also on varied social media sites.


Lastly, to market your online business, you have to use this ultimate power of email marketing. This tactic of using email marketing, it will turn your all visitors into buyers. Get the emails addresses of your clients and subscribe them to your latest business products. This email marketing will develop a lifetime relationship of yours with your customers. You will get 100% response rate from this tactic.

So follow this guide and start your business. More effective and easy to apply points regarding this topic of SMART HOMES AND ITS MARKETING ANALYSIS  has been shared.




Motion sensors offer a cost-effective solution to many problems. They make life way more convenient,

they provide optimum security, and they keep your family safe.

They have several incredible features which are further enhanced when they integrate with other technologies.

Most people use motion detectors for protect their house from potential threats.

There are many types of motion sensors, but the main idea about them is the same; they detect motion when

there shouldn’t be any to alert house owners and relevant authorities.

They sense body heat and send notifications. A blend of different motion sensor technologies is usually used to

prevent false alarms.

Since motion detectors are so useful, they are not just used as a security solution at homes but at shopping malls,

offices, parking areas, banks, ATMs and many other places as well.

Given below is a brief overview of how motion sensors offer security:


Motion sensors work with alarm systems to notify you when intruder activity is detected.

The system consists of sensors that are installed at all doors, windows and entry points that can serve as places

from where a criminal can enter the house.

With this feature, one doesn’t just protect his family and valuables but also gains 24/7 peace of mind.


Another way motion detectors ensure maximum security integrate with the outdoor lighting system. So outdoor

lights don’t just provide a lovely ambiance and safety in the dark but security too.

The system works trigger the landscape lights to switch on when any criminal steps on your porch. So, if at night

when all the home members are asleep, a light switches on in the courtyard, you can be sure that someone who

shouldn’t be there is there.


Motion detectors also work with the video surveillance system to alert relevant authorities, warn homeowners

and record footage of the intruder.

As soon as the motion sensors are triggered the camera instantly starts make a video of the intruder’s activities.

This way one has evidence of whatever happened in the dark of the night.


Motion sensors don’t just sense when someone is breaking into the house but also when someone is breaking out.

With the help of these, you can ensure that your kids are not going anywhere, they shouldn’t be in or out the house.

Same goes for pets. Kids and pets can be kept away from basements, storerooms, rooftops, etc., with the help

of this technology. If they do try, you alerted.

Similarly, teens can also be seen to not break the rules and leave the house after curfew time.

You don’t have to guess who is at the door. Even if someone doesn’t ring the bell, motion sensors would sense

their steps and send you an alert.

Therefore, motion sensors provide maximum security. They can integrate with several other technologies such

as video surveillance and alarm systems for added security and safety.

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When talking about advanced tech home automation solutions, smart homes the image of a bag of dollars sneaks its way into the mind. Because many people directly link it to higher costs. They are of the view that getting your home automated wouldn’t just require lots of money for the installation but would also stack up against the bills. Not to mention, they also believe that the management charges would account to even more expenses.

Good thing, they have got it all wrong. Automating your home doesn’t raise the number on the bills, on the contrary, it cuts them down. It’s a one-time investment which is a money saver in the long run. That’s because smart homes are energy efficient. The management costs won’t pill up if you are careful and get your home automated from a reliable company that provides high-end tech.

See our previous article on the same topic ⇒ >> HOW DOES HOME AUTOMATION CUT DOWN MAINTENANCE COSTS?

Here’s how home automation saves money rather than being heavy on your pocket


Parents know how annoying it gets when their kids don’t switch off the lights despite them being of no use. They must run around the house though they have a busy schedule to turn off the lights running uselessly for conserving energy. This is where the energy-efficiency factor of smart homes kicks in. It automatically turns off all the devices, lights and appliances in your house that are running but not in use.


Here’s another way, home automation helps you save bucks. In a situation where before going to sleep you want to switch off your laptop’s charging but end up asleep anyway, not only is the device going to get overcharged but energy would also be used unnecessarily. To avoid this, a smart home has another feature in its arsenal. It lets you schedule the timings of switching on and off appliances.


Too lazy to get up and turn off the air conditioner that has ended up over chilling the room? That’s not a problem for someone who lives in a smart home. That’s because a smart house maintains the thermostat itself. By doing so, not only does it make life more convenient but also reduces the bills. When no one is in the house, you can set the cooling to a higher temperature through home automation in Dubai. This way, you have the heating and cooling in check along with the expenses.


Suppose you left your house in a hurry and forgot to turn the lights off. With home automation, you can turn off devices in your house even when you aren’t near your home via the app on your smartphone. Like this, you tend to save a lot of energy and money. Therefore, home automation is cost-effective rather than costly. You have everything under control including your expenditure on power usage.

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The Best Smart Home Automation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and UAE

The Best Smart Home Automation Solutions

We provide the best smart home automation technologies solutions in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, UAE for prefabricated homes and homes under construction.

We transform your home into a home that owns a mind.

You can control all parts of the house through the phone, television, touch screens and the comprehensive remote that we provide to you to control (adaptation, lighting, heater, door lock, etc.) Curtains) and many other features.

Call and you will get to know all the features of smart home at competitive prices thanks to the technology

revolution that the world is witnessing, which affected our homes and our lives in all its details,

transforming imagination into reality and reality, and smart home devices have become available everywhere,

where everyone can now Converting the house into a smart home with ease.

Smart Home Technologies

This technology aims to make life smoother, it saves us time and effort with one touch of a button or one

touch, and this concept began from solar panels to smart TVs and many other smart home devices that

have become an integral part of our homes.

If you want to install wireless home appliances in Dubai to make it more advanced, we will highlight the

devices that you can buy to transform your home into the ideal smart home.

Convenience at its Best

The Best Smart Home Automation Technologies Solutions make life free of hassle. With our stellar Smart Home technology, you aren’t even required to move a muscle; the BMS system does it all for you.

It manages everything in your smart house, from the lighting and temperature to the home security.

A Risk-free Life

Our products make certain that you live in a secure environment. You can be at peace with the knowledge that your home is safe when you aren’t around.

If you leave behind your kids, pets, elders or someone who can’t take care of himself in the case of emergency rest assured that our smart home systems would keep an eye on everything.

After all, your responsibilities are our responsibilities.

Save Energy and Money

Alayoubi Technologies is one of the best smart home automation solutions company in UAE. With us, you can cut down your expenses in the long-run. Our building management system detects and turns off the power that isn’t in use.

With the power usage tracking system, you can regulate the amount of energy being used in your smart building. Automatic temperature control also helps in reducing the bills.

Raise the Value of your Property

By automating your house, you boost its market value. Buyers would be more interested in purchasing a home that functions efficiently. In this way, if you ever decide to move to another place, you are sure to make more gains by selling your property.

So not only does Alayoubi Technologies secure your present but it also secures your future.

An Investment Worth Making

Unlock the full potential of the devices and appliances in your home. Our Building control system makes your living, smarter and your energy usage, more efficient.

You can keep everything in your house well-maintained even from afar. An investment today would translate to a brighter tomorrow.

Leading Smart Home Technology, Dubai

We strive to provide you with the best of tech. Our solutions are not just intelligent, but they are also of excellent quality. We seek to make Dubai smart when it comes to the home sector.

We have come this far because our clients know us to be trustworthy with great services and customer care. Our aim is to set an example by contributing to home automation, UAE.

An Array of Provisions

We offer a broad range of BMS solutions for your house. We make sure each product of ours is innovative and brings a positive change in your mode of living. Our list of solutions includes the following

  • E-home smart technology products
  • Building automation system
  • Home Cinema (Home entertainment system)
  • Lighting control system
  • Temperature and climate control system
  • Home Security and Alarm system
  • Irrigation control system

Smart Home Devices

Alayoubi technologies company provides all the smart home devices that your home needs, specialists in

smart home devices that transform your home into a smart home at the lowest cost and without prior establishment

and complex systems.

Just install, pair, and remotely control the lighting, air conditioner, and electrical appliances from a mobile phone or sound from anywhere.

Visit Our Website -> or you can chat with us on -> whatsapp

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You can contact us on the following numbers:
Smart Automation Technology Solutions

The Best Smart Home Automation Devices

The Best Smart Home Automation Devices

What is Smart Home Automation Technology?

What if all the Smart Home Automation Devices in your life could connect to the internet?

Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells,

cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it.

what if those Smart Home Automation Devices could all communicate, send you information, and

take your commands? It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component

of home automation and smart homes.

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from

window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command).

Some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive.

Others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money.

Smart Home Automation

make adjustments as needed.
Smart homes enabled with lighting control allow home owners to reduce electricity use and benefit from
energy-related cost savings.
Some home automation systems alert the homeowner if any motion is detected in the home when they’re
away, while others can call the authorities—police or the fire department—in case of imminent situations.
Once connected, services such as a smart doorbell, smart security system, and smart appliances are all
part of the internet of things (IoT) technology, a network of physical objects that can gather and share
electronic information.

Smart Homes

Smart homes can feature either wireless or hardwired systems—or both. Wireless systems are easier to install.

Putting in a wireless home automation system with features such as smart lighting, climate control, and security

can cost several thousand dollars, making it very cost-friendly.

Hardwired systems, on the other hand, are considered more reliable and are typically more difficult to hack.

A hardwired system can increase the resale value of a home.

But there is a drawback—it’s fairly expensive. Installing a luxury and hardwired smart system can cost

homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights and temperature

to locks and home security devices.

They also happen to make fantastic gifts, whether you’re shopping for the holidays or buying a housewarming

present. Here’s a rundown of the best products we’ve tested for every room of the house.




With the advancements and development of smart homes, the market is for all intents and purposes

split into two unique fragments i.e. the current property holders and imminent mortgage holders.

The retrofitting based home automation arrangements accompany a lot of plus points. They take into

consideration nearly an indistinguishable level of incorporation from that of a preinstalled home automation

framework amid the build time.

This is accomplished by means of insignificant labor work because of the most recent remote advances. It even

enables the client to modify his answer that suits his financial plan and his necessity.

Given the vast advantages of such an answer, existing mortgage holders would generally lean toward retrofitting

based home automation administrations in spite of the fact that the cost starting at now is moderately higher than

pre-introduced home automation frameworks.


There are two players in the telecom advertise, who have great fiber optic system. These telecom providers can use

on their Fiber arranges in the locale and give home control and checking administrations.


Home automation arrangements are given ranks from low, medium to high advancement in the sort of innovation.

With a large number of sellers accessible in the market, the danger of new players, particular integrator is high.

Separation of the administrations remains the most vital factor in removing your opposition. With the likelihood of

Telco’s entering the opposition, the danger is set to strengthen much further.


As specified over, the fairly low-value options of integrator enable them to be picked over complex perfect

home players. This is additionally influenced by the absence of familiarity with the complexity of center brilliant

home arrangement suppliers in the district and individuals go in for less expensive arrangements.


With countless/singular item suppliers existing in the area, the clients have an assortment of players to browse.

Consequently, the client purchasing in this section would go for the most practical item for himself while thinking

about a home automation arrangement.


Here again with countless existing marketers, where the items can be sourced from and UAE being an

exceptionally lucrative market for any provider to offer in the locale, the haggling energy of the provider is

lessened to a significant degree.


Home Automation arrangement suppliers confront a hardened rivalry given the expansive number of firms giving these arrangements. Besides, the objective portion and evaluating for these market players is comparative and subsequently,

there is a thin line isolating these suppliers as far as offerings.


As a piece of the essential research, information about shopper inclinations, observation, mindfulness and fulfillment

levels was accumulated through a poll. The poll was intended to assemble the accompanying data

  1. Socioeconomic of the clients
  2. Knowledge and impression of smart homes automation
  3. Client inclination of embracing smart homes and related highlights
  4. Real reasons not to have smart homes

Further, particular inquiries were asked of the individuals who wished to receive smart home automation.

Particular inquiries were likewise asked of existing smart home clients and their fulfillment remainder was checked.

The worthiness of new highlights of smart homes was likewise analyzed.

Smart Home Automation Technology Solutions

Smart Home Automation Technology Solutions

Smart Home Automation Technology Solutions

Smart home automation technology solutions refers to a convenient home setup where appliances

and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a

mobile or other networked device. Devices in a smart home are interconnected through the internet, allowing

the user to control functions such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting, and a home theater remotely.


  • A smart home automation allows homeowners to control appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices smartphone or tablet through an internet connection.
  • Smart homes can be set up through wireless or hardwired systems.
  • Smart home technology provides homeowners with convenience and cost savings.
  • Security risks and bugs continue to plague makers and users of smart home technology.

How Smart Homes Automation Work?

A smart home’s devices are connected with each other and can be accessed through one

central point—a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or game console. Door locks, televisions, thermostats,

home monitors, cameras, lights, and even appliances such as the refrigerator can be controlled through

one home automation system. The system is installed on a mobile or other networked device, and the

user can create time schedules for certain changes to take effect.

make adjustments as needed. Smart homes enabled with lighting control allow home owners to reduce
electricity use and benefit from energy-related cost savings. Some home automation systems alert the
homeowner if any motion is detected in the home when they’re away, while others can call the authorities—police
or the fire department—in case of imminent situations. Once connected, services such as a smart doorbell,
smart security system, and smart appliances are all part of the internet of things (IoT) technology, a network
of physical objects that can gather and share electronic information.

Smart Homes Systems

Smart homes can feature either wireless or hardwired systems—or both. Wireless systems are easier to install.

Putting in a wireless home automation system with features such as smart lighting, climate control, and security

can cost several thousand dollars, making it very cost-friendly. Hardwired systems, on the other hand, are

considered more reliable and are typically more difficult to hack. A hardwired system can

increase the resale value of a home. But there is a drawback—it’s fairly expensive. Installing a luxury

and hardwired smart system can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars.

The global home automation market was valued at about $24 billion in 2016. That figure is expected to
grow as more people begin to adopt smart home technology to the tune of about $53.5 billion by 2022.
Video entertainment is expected to be the largest component of smart home technology, followed by
home security and monitoring services. Smart speaker technology has already successfully penetrated
the U.S. market, where roughly 31% of households use a device like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest.



SMART THERMOSTAT Sometimes we don’t want to stand up from our sofas and want to just use

the whole use with one button being sitting.

This was impossible in the past, but these days with the introduction of THERMOSTAT smart home technology.

Now, you can do anything you want in your home with the use of app from your phone.

Many intelligent devices are launched in the world including the smart speakers which will work with just your voice.

The voices will activate them and you can ask to check the weather or play this song or even play a joke for you.

I mean what more do you want when these technologies are in your hand and can abide by any instruction

you give to them.

Some of these devices also have the thermostat which will sound a lie but really, there are

smart thermostats

which will allow you to operate on your phone even if you are not present at home.


You can use the smart thermostat before your arrival to the house and it will cool/heat up

the house till you come.

How amazing that is, especially when you are bringing your relatives or people who are prone to cold.

Just imagining that, is making me feel joy and want to install that in my house as soon as possible.

I am not much familiar with it and for that reason, I researched that, there are special people of

professionals in the field you will work for me and will guide me towards this technology.

Smart home automation is their niche and if you are also looking for it then these are the people

you should go for.

They will not only guide you toward the Best thermostat but also ill give you the rates which are not high.

This technology is not something anybody can understand though it seems simple.

This smart home automation is the need of time and that is why the professionals are there to

guide the people.

before their expensive device being ignorant about it.

After installing these devices you will realize how effective these smart devices are and

almost making us feel that we are in the future with robots roaming around us




Everyone is seeking for LUXURY LIFE OF DUBAI and charms to fresh up their mind. They always roam around the world to search for most affectionate things. It is estimated since 2010 Dubai has a tremendous lifestyle. Each individual wants to visit Dubai to spend their weekend. Why is that so? What is in Dubai that opens the eyes of people? Most of the foreigners say:

Tourism in Dubai

Dubai has been walking a fine line by being all things to all people. Said Valerie Grove Dubai is the capital of billionaires. They derive their wealth from many resources such as food and beverages. Many tourists from all around the world came to innovate their business over here and gain a number of profits. It’s quite easy to begin a short project from a imitative expense. In addition, Dubai is wiping off from inflation.There is no poverty in Dubai. All age levels are hired for any kind of job and they seek no deprive in their occupation.

Entertainment Dubai

Due to this ratio of poverty tends to zero and competition market becomes high. As part of entertainment Dubai is the best place for kids Families visit for long-term plans.They find safe and secure over here there are activities readily available to suit every interest and budget, from sunny beach picnics and stunning public parks to themed play areas and sailing lessons. One of the best is Dubai Mall, where you can find a lot of entertainment and juggles.

Burj Khalifa

Your first visit will give you the addiction. Moreover, Dubai fountain Mall is set on 30 acres of Burj Khalifa and water jets on 500 ft. Dubai Aquarium you can enjoy the different underwater creatures. You can dive, swim and juggle with the sea species. Children enjoy the show of shark feeding, ray feeding also. When the word cleanliness arrives it gives the example of Dubai. The ecological system will always remain same whether there is the increment in the population ratio. A lack of water resources changes according to the natural landscape.

Climatic Season

Discussion about the climatic season, Mostly Dubai have summers that’s weather is quite warm and sunny and people enjoy sun baths and picnics over here especially in Bermuda beach. As regards to tech and science perspectives, Dubai is full of automatons starts from shops till companies, policeman, metro all are using the latest technology. Time by timing its upgrading up to the market strategies.

Wild Life

Cheetahs, Lions, and tigers are infamously part of UAE and the main core is Dubai. Some of them showcased their cheetahs and tigers instead of ambitious cars. Move forward to this Dubai consists of skyscrapers up to 163 skyscrapers, enlarged villas, and buildings.

Better Homes

Dubai ranking comes in one of the best oil productivity in the world. Pearl jewelry from the Persian Gulf is highly appreciated and extremely valued. This country is free from gambling and alcohol. you have to buy a legal license before using it.