Smart Building Automation Solutions

Advanced Technologies and Power Industries has teamed with renowned manufacturers to provide centralized BMS system that uses automated data collection to display data on computer monitors. The BMS is primarily used to control (HVAC) heating, ventilating and air-conditioning , but is usually integrated with other building systems such as fire systems, security and access controls to have a single point control of the building, which allows for easy monitoring and response in case of any emergencies.

At Alayoubi, Building Management Systems (BMS) are based upon cutting-edge technologies with solutions selected for optimum Performance. This not only helps customers maintain efficient building infrastructure services, but allows them to take proactive security measures and help prevent costly breakdowns.

smart building solutions
automation solutions

Advantages of Smart Building Automation Solutions

Energy Conservation:

Home automation solutions can isolate certain areas that are not being occupied and manage lights.

Economy mode allows the use of outside air when the temperature allows, thus reducing the demand on thesystems and reducing energy consumption.

Improved Reliability:

Smart Home Control Systems can rotate start ups between devices, manage start ups/shutdowns, optimize Morning warm-up timing, and extend the expected lifecycle of HVAC equipment while ensuring comfort for building occupants.

Control Systems:

It can provide access to every aspect of your HVAC through a secure web browser interface from anywhere on the Internet, or limit visibility to your WAN, Intranet or the local workstation. You can view and adjust

set points, temperature, scheduling, or any devices under control

Monitoring and Diagnostics:

Certain system controllers are self-diagnostic and can alert you if any problems occur in the control system. User defined custom alarms can be created to alert you of temperature abnormalities, device failures, scheduled maintenance, and other noteworthy events in your HVAC system.

Alayoubi Advantage

Our Expertise & Value Added Services


We focus on added-value services and client needs. We are committed to providing truly open control solutions

that allow choice, connectivity and flexibility for consulting, Our in-house engineers and our

Smart Home Automation Solutions provide an intelligent and integrated system that allows operator to:

  • Manage your building smart home automation solutions in real-time over the Internet
  • Program, access and monitor systems from a browser
  • Manage geographically dispersed sites (multi-site) with one system
  • Integrated tools and resources for developers and facility Managers; including network management tools,

controller programming wizards, graphical development tools, and alarming, scheduling and logging functions,

all accessible from a standard Web browser or local station


Here, at  ALAYOUBI our staff is our family. We promote an aura of motivation and instill it in each individual working with us to take customer care seriously

SINCE 2003

Established in 2003 that provides you with top-notch Smart Home Automation and Security products.


Our team of expert engineers and skilled technicians flourishes every day by making no compromises on quality.


What makes us so good at what do is our understanding of what our clients want. We don’t just market products for selling them

At Alayoubi technologies?

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•    Intricate and superior craftsmanship in installing products
•    High standards in cost control
•    Delivery on time
•    The best solution for your smart homes in budget

smart building solutions
smart building solutions


Solutions for special announcement & Back ground music system which are

efficient cost effective & easily up gradable as per latest trends & technologies. We proposed best solutions as per

client requirement & budgets specific for the system.

Power Amplifier

Digital audio processing and adjustable delay, per channel Amplifier and loudspeaker, line monitoring, and spare

amplifier switching.

Ambient microphone connection enables output level adjustment for maximum intelligibility.

Control inputs and programmable output relays for functions such as local volume control override. POE supported.

Network Controller

Heart of the system: stores all control information and configuration settings, as well as pre-recorded audio messages.

Built-in web server allows configuration, diagnostics and logging from remote locations.

Audio Expander

Enables extra audio inputs and outputs to be added. For instance, additional background music, microphone or

line signals can be fed into the system.

smart building solutions

Smart Energy Management

We provides the best energy management solutions for businesses, offices, homes,

commercial and residential.

First a study of the facility is carried out to analyze its electrical loads and their characteristics, and then a proposal

is made indicating a combination of measures that can be implemented by clients to save energy and reduce

Green House emissions.

ALAYOUBI TECHNOLOGIES has an engineering team that can prepare a proposal on energy management achievable

in buildings and facilities.

Smart Audio & Video Intercom

Communication to your gate door is essential for total security & convenience. The audio /video intercom

system is a very convenient for verification & identification of a person requesting entry.

Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual verification before allowing access to any of a person

in  smart house.

Audio/video intercom system:

It helps secure your property by allowing you to visually confirm, and audibly

speak to visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door.

One or more door stations can be added to allow multiple entry points to be controlled and monitored by the

intercom system.

Typically door stations may be used to cover front and / or rear gates, the front door, a granny flat, or any

number of potential access points to your property.

smart building solutions
smart building solutions


ALAYOUBI TECHNOLOGIES offers end to end solution for access control. As per client’s requirements,

we can provide smart access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate smart systems to

simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors.

Requirements depend on access control risks. Our engineers’ designs solutions that customers increase security,

reduce risk and even optimize the performance of their organization.

Lighting Control

Lighting automation includes controlling lights remotely, controlling lights through timer switch, setting

custom light levels (dimming) and schedules, color lighting in rooms, and controlling multiple lights as a group.

The use of lighting controls can save substantial energy saving through the use of timers and sensors to dim

or switch off the lights when not required.


Using scenes, it is possible to turn several lights on (to various levels) while turning other lights off at the

same time. We can create various modes of lightnings as guest mode, meeting mode, entertainment mode,

reading mode, etc.

Allows to insert scene according to moods. FWTS provides many of scenes, designed as per

requirements. For example; if a person wants to watch the movie so the blackout curtains will be down, lights will

be turn off, display unit will be active as with all integrated audio & video sources.

smart building solutions