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Alayoubi Technologies CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions empower your security staff, drive productivity improvement and make your facilities safer and more secure.

From closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that monitor perimeter fencing, points of entry/egress, docking stations and hazardous work environments to advanced applications that integrate monitoring and control of access control, security management and digital video surveillance/retrieval. Whether you’ve a single building, a campus or disparate geographical locations, FW can design, install, integrate, monitor and maintain all of your security requirements.

We are partnered with leading brands of CCTV Solutions products to offer complete with excellent services at a very affordable price.

  • Analogue & Network Based CCTV Solutions
  • Web based CCTV Solutions
  • Mobile Application based CCTV Solutions
  • CCTV Solutions with Centralized Storage
  • Complete Installation and 24/7 Support

With the recent advancements in technology and the safety measures that you need for your new smart home, many CCTV companies have popped up overnight and hence choosing the right CCTV company for a security camera installation has become a tricky process.

However, we have made things easier for you by rounding up a few tips to help you select the best. Take a look below!


If you are a business owner or just someone who is concerned about security, let us lift this burden off your shoulders. With our CCTV system, you can constantly keep a check on everything that is happening where the cameras are installed. With Alayoubi solutions, the HD CCTV camera won’t just continuously monitor everything, but it will also record every moment.


Keep your property guarded every second of the day with our CCTV systems. The security cameras with a high-resolution guarantee that you’ll be aware of the situation at all moments. Whether it’s morning or evening, with Alayoubi home security systems, the safety of your loved ones is taken care of. No theft or loss can take place in the face of video surveillance that shows you everything.


We understand that every business wants its customers to feel secure. That’s our target as well. With a wireless IP camera, your clients would know they are in a safe place where their protection is prioritized.

A CCTV monitor would make them know that immediate action would be taken if something unusual is detected.


Your home is your safe zone. With Alayoubi, no intruder can cause trouble to you because a security camera system would be keeping an eye on everything. The HD CCTV camera gives you a live view of your property so that you may be alerted in case of emergency.


You can see via the camera everything on your smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop. With Alayoubi, there’s  no such thing as distance. Because no matter where you are the connectivity between the surveillance camera and your device remains stable. We help you keep track of stuff even when you are miles away.


Ours are the best home security cameras. We provide you with the latest tech of CCTV in Dubai. With us, you can depend on apps and email alerts to keep you informed. You can even upgrade your current system with updated tech. Our broad range of products in this regard are the following;

  • Security surveillance system with IP cameras
  • CMOS images sensor
  • Video surveillance system
  • Decoding and playing rate control IP
  • Server version that supports public network visiting and device management
  • Sharp and detailed HD imagery
  • Wi-Fi security camera
  • Analog Security System
  • HD Security System
  • CCTV installation in Dubai


Previously, CCTV cameras were considered as a commodity and very few people had the luxury of having them installed in their homes. However, now with the recent advancements in technology, there is a wide array of companies and CCTV cameras to choose from. When it comes to choosing the best, never compromise on the price! Sure, there are many cheap options available but, remember, chances are that you will be rushing out to buy another one pretty soon.

Always search online before contacting a security company and make sure that they offer you a range of camera and recorder options manufactured by reliable and high-end companies such as Axis, Samsung, Visionline, and Hikivison, etc.

Many of us are concerned that what is happening in the world with security breaches on the high, and people getting lost of their assets due to some lack of security. But, this problem also has directed us towards the things we can do to counter that. We could use the CCTV surveillance and then work on that.

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