Time Attendance System & Access Control Solutions

Time Attendance Access Control Solutions as bio-metrics, retina scan & face recognition technology has

advantages for tracking attendance & access for the private sector & government.

The employee activity and attendance can be logged along with the access to secured areas.  The task of

keeping large groups of people safe and together is made easier through the use of bio metrics, retina & face

scan for identification of individuals.

Alayoubi technologies offers devices that takes unique physical characteristics and uses them for identification

of your identity and verification as well as controls the authorization.

Keeping time and attendance records have become much easier of late through the advances in the ability to verify

and identify individuals through the use of these identification Time Attendance System & Access Control devices.

Punctuality and taking up responsibility are two things that your child learns from his/her teachers. Time is of the essence,

not only in the school but in practical life as well. Punctuality is the key to success and if you are punctual, you are surely

going to be successful in life!

Alayoubi offers several smart solutions for your business and home. We make certain that you don’t have to

reach out to multiple vendors by providing you not just the technology but set up and customization services

as well. In our work, we blend honesty and expertise so that your technical requirements are met smoothly.

With our company, you would not have any complaints because we ensure top-notch quality and service.

For us, our customers are our family.

Biometric Attendance System

Alayoubi is a provider of time attendance systems as well. A time attendance system is crucial at workplaces

and businesses to ensure there is no employee time theft and there is proper shift management. Manually

recording time checks and attendance logs is not only time-consuming but it can stress out the staff responsible.

Not just that, but it is bound to have errors in data as well. An automated system assures efficiency and productivity.

As the biometric attendance system reduces manual burden, it also trims down the management costs and is

cost-effective in the long run. It also enables improved payroll management by keeping track of how many extra

hours of work an employee has dedicated. This way it decreases discrepancies in the calculation of wages.

It allows for the seamless working of business operations and planning. The system has several benefits and

plays an enormous and important role in offices thus it must be installed.

With Alayoubi’s time and attendance systems, businesses can run more steadily without any difficulties.

The system ensures accuracy and productivity without any time waste. It decreases the workload on human resources.

Companies also benefit with increasing ROI thanks to this technology. For better management of work flow, the system

is necessary. Alayoubi is a trusted provider of time attendance systems in Dubai.

Automated time and attendance system

Over the past few years, many schools have installed an automated time attendance system to ensure the staff

punctuality and ease up on the manual process of registering time in and time out for everyone.

Automated time and attendance system allow the staff to clock in and clock out electronically through

time clocks, internet-connected computers, phones and even tablets. This data is then transferred into a

software that imports it into the payroll solution.

This way, the school administration has a clear picture of who is working, who isn’t working,

who is punctual and even who is due for an over-time. There is less paperwork, as everything is done online!

  • Automated attendance systems in schools have played a major role in ensuring staff punctuality.
  • Since the staff has to clock in and clock out electronically, chances of foul play or messing up the time
  • are none to zero. The information is immediately relayed to the school administration and informs them
  • about whoever has clocked in or clocked out.
  • Since this is an electronic system, there is no related paperwork. All the information is stored online and
  • can be retrieved by the administration, when and wherever they want. There is no manual processing and
  • chances of error are less. No paperwork means no hassle!
Time & Attendance Solutions