Office Automation Solutions

Office Automation is one that provides its comfort, energy efficiency and convenience at all times.

Installation of office automation products give various benefits like convenience, savings of time, money and energy.

Any commercial building including offices, restaurants, and hotels where in addition to convenience, the owner achieves

significant energy savings by using automated control system to dim lighting during the day, control lighting, HVAC and

blinds based on occupancy.

We use the latest in wireless (Radio frequency RF, Z-wave, Zigbee),  and wired technologies including KNX that ensure reliable operation and comfort to the user, and have several operational smart homes and offices in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE.

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Meeting Room Management

Meeting Room Management

Modern Smart Meeting Room

The modern smart meeting room has changed through the use of audio visual technology. No longer is a flip chart and

minute taking acceptable in the busy working environment. Productivity is measured in results, and the correct utilization of

audio visual technology in these rooms ensures your meetings are productive.

  • Lighting Control
  • Session recording
  • Smart Interactive Boards
  • AV Equipment i.e. Projector, projector mounts & screens, microphones, speakers etc.

Digital Signage

ALAYOUBI TECHNOLOGIES provides top-notch digital signage solutions to boost your business and its value. An LED video wall can

help you expand your business by subtly advertising the services it offers and the success it has achieved in past projects.

This would make potential clients consider your company as they would trust the services it provides when they get to see

its actual work. Unlike printed advertisements, the exposure your business gets isn’t limited to words and a few pictures

neither is the marketing too direct and obvious.

Digital signage displays can be used to showcase content including digital images and videos, streaming media, text,

web pages and other such visuals. The imprint of images on the mind is more influential and hence would not just help

your business gain exposure, but it would also help it rapidly grow. In supermarkets, digital signage can advertise products

and prompt customers to make more purchases which in turn increases the store’s profits.

Video Walls

With how dynamic the system is, it also offers web connectivity. Important information like news feed, currency or weather

updates can be displayed across the video walls. This content can be updated and changed easily and rapidly as well.

With Alayoubi’s digital signage solutions your business can substantially progress as it gets your brand noticed

and makes people aware of its services.

The system might seem like a hefty investment, but in the long term, you reap many advantages from it. This it

does so as it attracts more people to your business thanks to vivid and detailed visual content that gives proof of your

business’s dependability and expertise. With this technology, you can save yourself the printing costs too. It’s time the

old ways of marketing services are shed off anyway. With ALAYOUBI TECHNOLOGIES, you are a step ahead of your contemporaries.

Digital Signage Players:

With PC-based platform design, Digital signage players are widely utilized for advertising, branding, real-time message and information delivering and entertainments. We offer various types of Digital Signage Players as per requirement.

The main types are Cost-effective Players, High-performance Players and Multi-display Players. Incorporating

‘Digital Signage’ software, Digital signage player is an ideal solution for branding, advertisement and news board cast.

Integrating hardware and software seamlessly, it is easy to deploy self-contained platform.

Digital signage is the distribution and playback of digital content (presentation, images, video, advertising,

Pdf, RSS, html, menus, etc.) on a network of displays. This application can be found in retail settings, hotels,

restaurants, entertainment venues, corporate environments, and institutions such as healthcare facilities,

among many others.

digital signage