Smart Education Solutions

Smart education solutions that provides its comfort, energy efficiency and convenience at all times.

Installation of smart education solutions give various benefits like convenience, savings of time, money and energy.

Any commercial building including offices, restaurants, and hotels where in addition to convenience, the owner achieves

significant energy savings by using smart education solutions to dim lighting during the day, control lighting, HVAC

and blinds based on occupancy.

At Alayoubi technologies we understand that the youth is our future, we know that one of the building blocks of

success is education. That is why we are fully invested in making the learning process of students more interactive,

progressive and impactful. With our smart education solutions, we don’t just aim to improve learning, but we also

want to make teaching more advanced and fun. We aspire to build a responsive atmosphere in schools that grips the

interest of all those involved.

Digital Signage

We provide an entirely integrated system for classrooms. Our educational solutions include digital signage software

with interactive LED displays. These LED displays offer a wide array of features including dual touch, full HD,

optical sensory, widescreen display and what not. This assists teachers, in presenting in-depth concepts so that students

comprehend things easily. They can also change content from anywhere without any hassle.

A visual representation of ideas leaves a stronger imprint on the minds of students, helping them grasp the topic

more effectively and strongly. The students can view not just one aspect of the pictures in front of them but explore

the imagery by zooming in. The widescreen display makes learning more enjoyable and convenient. Information is

provided in a useful manner and can be updated or altered with ease keeping students engaged rather than zoned out.

UAE is a developed country that with each passing day keeps modernizing and growing in terms of the latest technology

more and more. There is no department that is left behind in this race of prosperity.

For Alayoubi the smart education system in Dubai is an area of focus because knowledge paves the path for success.

The solutions it provides are of top-notch quality and do not have any significant features lacking.

smart education solutions

Smart Class Room Management

The smart modern meeting room has changed through the use of audio visual technology. No longer is a flip chart

and minute taking acceptable in the busy working environment. Productivity is measured in results, and the correct

utilization of audio visual technology in these rooms ensures your meetings are productive.

  • Lighting Control
  • Session recording
  • Smart Interactive Boards
  • AV Equipment i.e. Projector, projector mounts & screens, microphones, speakers etc.


Keep each room in your school at the perfect temperature. Save energy and money and keep everyone happy.

If you can’t be comfortable, where can you be? We all want to be warm or cool enough to relax but none of us

want to waste energy and money by heating or cooling rooms we don’t use. We can design heating & cooling

control systems that can be used to control the temperature in each class room of your school.

Video Walls

ALAYOUBI Technologies provides high-quality LED video walls encompass a wide range of different sizes,

resolutions and technologies. Our large scale display systems are designed by video wall experts with decades

of experience in video wall display technology. Featuring the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems

and slimmest installation depths, LED video walls are best-in-class.

When you think of a video wall system, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s a video wall display: a group

of screens tiled together to create a single, large display surface.

While the display is certainly the most visible part of a video wall system, it’s actually just only one piece of a

complex solution. Have you ever wondered about the technology behind a video wall? How do those individual

screens “talk to each other” to act as a single display surface? How do you control what appears on the displays

and where? And how do you get your content onto the displays to begin with?

The video wall display provides a large scale, high-resolution “visual canvas” for your content.

Quick facts:

  • Video wall displays are usually made from a tiled arrangement of monitors, panels, or projection screens.
  • Tiling multiple displays together can create an extremely large, multi-HD display surface.
  • Video walls come in a large range of display technologies, including LCD, LED, projection cubes, blended projection, and more. Each display type offers unique advantages and limitations in terms of resolution, brightness, reliability, cost, and other factors.
  • Depending on the display type and mounting system selected, video walls can be built in flat, curved, or even three-dimensional shapes. They can be small enough to be portable or large enough to fill a multi-story atrium.

The video wall processor, or controller, connects your content sources to the displays. It lets you control what

content is shown on the displays, when and where it appears, and how it looks.

video walls