Private Villa

Private Villa

A private villa in Abu-Dhabi needs smart home automation and work includes, lights, LED lights, CCTV, intercom, WIFI, sound System, Satellites, and TV.
smart villa
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To Deliver The Smart Home Automation

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A USA made Dome CCTV camera

HDTV, 720p/1024p/1080p/ full real-time transmission: A full HD camera will not only monitor everything but also keep a record of each and every moment
• Built-in Auto double filter switching mechanism, full day and night: you are fully secured let it be day or night
• 3D DNR
• Mobile surveillance:
• IR 30M
With the USA made dome camera installed by ALAYOUBI Technologies in the villa, a constant surveillance, and record of each moment is captured for the user.
Dome Camera

Intercom Outdoor

The outdoor intercom is waterproof that means that it can be placed in the rain. It can be mounted on the wall and supports lock system so that the security of you your family is guaranteed and in your absence as well.  The smart lock comprises three features; Biometric or fingerprints, iris control, and Digital code. It has a 4 wire connection and LED night vision. The viewing angle is 60 or 110.

It is an antioxidant and an easy DIY installation and has a high-quality circuit for clear voice.

This is a waterproof wall mounting outdoor intercom is installed in the villa by ALAYOUBI Technologies.

Intercom Indoor

ALAYOUBI Technology has installed a 7inch LCD digital screen is best suited for video call, video recording with SD card and call transfer to your phones. It also has an alarm clock and calendar.

RGB lighting

RGB LED combine red, blue and green lights and their combination gibe 16 million shades of light and this lighting is installed in the villa. The color changing and controlling from brighter to dimmer in different requirements can be done through your smartphones. The short LED pitch is of 1.23 inches or 33 mm. this lighting has the highest brightening LED chips. It is heat resistant, 3M VHB 4930 adhesive long-lasting bond.


Through a centralized satellite system, every room of the house can avail the SMA-TV facility.

Smart Switch:

The German manufactured Herzborg smart switch is a perfect opportunity to control your house functions in a smart way and this is installed to give a best opportunity to control your house functions. A perfectly slim design coupled with lightness and ability to adjust in different panel styles is a thumbs up choice to meet all your needs in an effortless manner. It supports 8-way scenes and 4-way lights. Supports key functions custom such a sleep mode, rest mode, work mode, audio mode, meeting mode, leaving mode. Furthermore also supports long press dimming.

Smart thermostat

A German manufactured Herzborg smart thermostat can display indoor temperature and the current time. Because of the inbuilt regulator, it can adjust the set temperature to the required needs. Gives a viable support for regular open and close feature. It also supports APP manipulation and mobile assistance in keeping the temperature controlled to the desired needs. This is a thumbs up installation by us.

Bose Sound System

Each speaker has one 7 inch woofer and two strategically positioned I inch tweeters installed by us in the villa and its rooms. Furthermore, we have chosen and installed this sound system because it is of high quality and gives a full ranged performance. That’s why it has an upper hand over most of the other installed speakers.
Exclusive stereo is installed in every room and so the speaker performance covers the room with a moderate stereo sound with no drop-offs.
A near bazel: it can be fitted easily to the room elegant design and therefore no blends in construction. Come with easily paintable grilles.
Fast and easy installation is fostered by standard dog-leg clamps and magnetically attached grilles.