VIDEO INTERCOM DOOR BELLS BY MOORGEN has catered the security concerns of its customers with utmost care and consideration. For them, security should never be compromised and in order to further this concern, they have worked effectively in providing its customers with the best manufacturer product regarding doorbell intercoms.

In order to deny any unauthorized intrusion or unwanted visitors, the VIDEO INTERCOM DOOR BELLS BY MOORGEN is given the customers of Alayoubi technologies advantages such as:

  • A reciprocal communication between two parties using the intercom with the help of a built-in security camera in the internal circuit of the outdoor intercom unit.
  • Improved convenience as you can answer the doorbell from anywhere from the house or anywhere you are in the world.
  • Intercom can be linked to other devices, for example, the lock release system so once you have granted access to a particular visitor, you can allow entry through activating the lock release system.

Let us first explore the key specifications of the Video intercom outdoor unit by Moorgan:


  • Security key access
  • Color camera with night vision
  • Waterproof
  • Infrared night vision. It allows magnified vision as well
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use
  • High gain WiFi antenna; 60-degree transmission to concentrate and extend range. The external antenna is pointed towards the house or wherever your WiFi router is and where the good signals come in.
  • 25ft RG M4 cable with SMA connector


  1. A wide angle of the camera which can give a coverage between 115 degrees to 170 degrees angle.
  2. It has a stylistic and compact design made with stainless steel; it is a solid piece of manufacturing by Germany Moorgen that is built essentially for quality. The company has never lacked quality measures and this is prevalent in its compact design.
  3. As the doorbell rings you can answer with both the main monitor and the sub monitor.
  4. Sub monitor that is the wireless monitor station has:
    1. Wireless operation from anywhere in the house
    2. Expandable up to 6 wireless monitor station
  5. Main monitor station:
    1. Large touch panel
    2. Zoom-able display
    3. Slim design

How does the zoom-able display works?

  • Touch the LCD screen of the main monitor and you can zoom in and out images with your wish to make the image more visible and clear to you.
  • Record images and videos to SD card; the SD card is sold separately.
  • Monthly or weekly lists of recordings.
  • Unlock electric locks with both main and sub monitors.

You can also purchase an additional accessory which is purely optional along with the Video intercom. This is the wireless sensor camera. Including this along with the video intercom will allow you to reap these benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Heat sensor and motion detection sensor: sound and images alerts are there when the sensor is triggered
  • It is expandable up to four wireless sensor cameras
  • IP 54 (waterproof and dust proof)


The apps are available for it from Google play store and of course, iPhone play store so that you can actually see who is at your doorstep and calling with it.

You can actually record the video, take a snapshot, activate a door release, and talk to the visitor directly. Furthermore, the app specifications also allow you to end the call whenever you wish either between or abruptly that can signal your lack of interest in the visitor at your doorstep.

Or you can press the touch icon on the screen to extend the talk time, increase or decrease speakers volume on phone. You can press to speak and release the phone touch to listen. You also have privacy or mute option. So, once the call is answered the screen on your Android phone or iPhone is shown that has these above options. As a result of the app, you have a lot of flexible choice to do with the call.

Other options with using the app:

It also happens that you may not be present at the time a visitors ring the doorbell on your doorstep. So be relax because the app in your smartphone is active to give you every information in your absence from your home.

When you are not there to answer your call, the app will take snapshots of the visitors for you. For this you can see the option on your smartphone screen:

  • Press to view the last images of missed callers
  • View saved video chips so that you can go back and review all the details and evidence of visitors that were captured in your absence
  • Intercom screen and press gate/door release button

The intercom has a good mounting pad that makes it an easy installation, it is effective in programming as well and you can easily set it up with your WiFi network as well.


Looking at these specifications we can see that the door intercom works in the way that it allows the door station of the front door and gate to be able to connect to your WiFi network and in doing so it allows you to use your mobile phones wherever you get signal so that you know who is at your door wherever you are in the world. It will give prompt alerts.


  • Mount the intercom at the desired height for the pedestrian and users. The camera angle should be wide enough to cover more scenario.
  • Do not drill holes in the wall with intercom in position otherwise dust may get around the camera and impair the camera view.
  • If possible locate the power supply as close as possible to the intercom.
  • The manufacturer as the Moorgen can only support the use, functionality and the operation of the video intercom. Therefore the responsibility of professional wiring to door release or automatic gate system lies with the installers, Alayoubi technologies and with their expertise they have never dissatisfied their customers.