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Smart door for Privacy and security have always been the primary need of a person since the day one and that is

why he designed different kinds of instruments to keep him safe and his privacy secured from any kind of intruding.

That is why the man invented the lock and key to keep his or her belonging safe and away from everyone else.

Since the invention of the lock and key, there have been many modifications in their systems of locking and

the process of opening.

As we all know that the modern age is all about technology and electrical gadgets that is why the methods of

locking and security have also been digitized and are made technologically advanced so that they can meet the

challenges faced by the modern day world.


The modern day smart door locks are not the one like the old times they are quite extraordinary and their method

of processing is more unique and they rule out all the conventional ways to break a lock and provide you

with a sense of security and privacy.

They do not require any key to open them because they use enhanced methods so that all

kinds of break-ins can be stopped.

The methods that are used to open the locks are the Bio metric scanner,

Facial scanners, and Retinal scanner.


In the bio metric scanners the smart door lock is not opened with a key but the human is the key himself because

it requires the thumb impression of the person to unlock the door and without the original thumb impression nobody

can open the lock not even the highly ranked thieves have the ability to crack this lock because of its unique

locking pattern.

Since we know that everybody who walks on the earth has thumb impression different from

the thumb impression of the others and that is why only the authorized person can open this lock and

nobody else has this ability to open this lock until he or she has the same thumb impression which is

totally impossible.

The facial scanners also use the human as a key. They use the advanced technology to read the face

of the person through a camera and if it matches with the one that is of an authorized person then the

lock will open but if the face does not match then the lock will remain closed.

The facial scanner cameras read the minute details of the face so that even the twins cannot be used

to open the lock and only the person authorized for the lock can open it.


They use infrared scanners so that even in the dark places they can complete the facial recognition

process and also have the ability to read your facial expressions from all angles.

There are tens of modes through which they carry out the locking and unlocking procedure.

With the built-in alarms to give an alert. With the ability to scan you in a whole crowd.

They also use cards to grant access. An electronic key stored in your phone can also be used to

grant the access.


The retinal scanners are the most advanced locking system ever developed in the world because of their unique

style of locking and since they also use the human as a key and they use the retina of the eye of a person to open

the lock.

They scan the eye and if the pattern of the retina is same as the pattern of the authorized person then the

lock will open and grant access to that person and if the pattern does not match then the lock will remain

closed and will not grant the access to that person.

Since we all know that like the thumb impressions the retinal patterns are also unique of every

single person walking on the planet and that is why you cannot fool the locking system by using

another person for the retinal scan.

This is the most genius locking system ever developed for the locking and security purposes and up till

today no one hasbeen able to find a method to bypass this locking mechanism because of its unique

and extraordinary locking methods.


The specifications of these locks are very unique and extraordinary. Some of the specifications

are explained below:

  • They use the bio-metric system as the key and more than one person can be given the
  • authorization to get access control.
  • Along with the bio-metrics they also use the PIN code for the safety precaution.
  • Along with the electric connection they also have built-in batteries so that they never run out of juice.


There are a lot of benefits of using these kinds of locking systems instead of the common and

conventional locks.

Some of these benefits are enlisted below:

  • They conventional locks do not meet the standards of the modern and digitized world and
  • that is why they must be ruled out.
  • The conventional locks are very easy to break and since we have a lot of examples from
  • the past that shows us that these conventional locks can be broken or opened through different methods and that

puts our privacy and secrecy in jeopardy and that is not a very pleasant thing to imagine.

  • The digital locking system ensures that not a single intruder jeopardizes your security and privacy.
  • Since the digital locking system using the human as a key that is why there is no need to carry a key

with you to every place that you go and it provides you with the ease of access.

  • If you are using the digital locking mechanism for your security and your lock is connected to any kind of

network then if any intruder will try to break in to your secured laces then the locking mechanism will send

you an alert making sure that you know that someone is trying to breach your security and that proper steps

are taken on time.

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