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ALAYOUBI TECHNOLOGIES is namely known for automation projects in Dubai. It was established in the year 2003 that is all involved as it to specialize in providing customers with high-end home automation, as well as security, and Education products. The main goal of the automation projects is all about giving the improvement in the life and thus bringing away with the loyalty, innovation, and prime quality.

They do believe as to combine away with the Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and affordable prices as well. They do make sure that their tasks are being performed as on time and that too on the budget timeline as well. They are all known for carrying out the work and tasks all through the carefully planned series of steps and has to be centered on a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

They are putting forward with the main mission as where they do prioritize customer satisfaction and do even step up as to provide you with valuable consultancy and exceptional systems integration. We do make sure that the services are meeting up with the requirements so that we do not let down the customers’ expectations.

Our staff is like the family and we are working as the team.


We are all involved in terms of promoting with the aura of motivation and instill it in terms of each single of the individual working with us. At the end of the day we are all the more giving out the terms of the dependability, and so as the creativity, and the superior standard of our services for automation projects.

After completing the fifteen years of the successful journey we are all aimed at adding the experience, personnel, and resources to make the project run smoothly. We do believe in leading to the timeline of high-quality and innovation in the home sector. Working with us would be coming all the more with the involvement of the dedication and being done on it.

Our Services:

We combine first-rate quality, dedication, honesty, and reliability. We operate as a unit, taking all ethical measures, following all labor rules and raising quality levels every day.

Solutions & Services We Offer
  • Smart Home & BMS System
  • Network Design & Installation with Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Intercom System for Building and Villa PABX and Telephony Solution
  • Digital Signage, Video Wall & Display SMA TV
  • Solutions Congress/ Conference Solution Audio Visual System
  • Smart Educational Product and Solution
  • Car & Bus Monitoring Tracking System
  • Public Address and Sound System Time Attendance Systems
  • IP camera surveillance system
  • High-performance CMOS image sensor with HD video quality
  • Decoding and plaguing rate control IP
  • Server version supports public network visiting device management
  • Clear HD images
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Smart Office Solutions
  • Smart Education Solutions
  • Smart Building Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • CCTV Video Surveillance System
  • Home Cinema


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4. Smart Office – Smart Home

5. Smart Jacuzzi Control in Luxury Villa in Dubai

6. ALAYOUBI Partner-Project in Nigeria

7. Moorgen Smart Home

8. Smart Swimming Pool in Luxury Villa – Near Burj Al Arab – Dubai

9. Newest project for Fujairah Welfare Association

10. Census- Al Reef-II-Automation

11. Reef 1-Smart Home Project

12. Private Villa