Smart  Automation Solutions we wish to have that everything will be controlled by a single button.

We desire that we just order and it has been fulfilled. Aspire to live like superheroes.

We hunger the whole kit will be controlled by remote. Crave to seated oneself as an idle and

every work was done by the tech. So Wipe out from desires and comes into reality as there are many things

you can access by a single button. There is much technology that can fulfill your structure by a distinct call.

Times are gone when you have to wait for hours to watch your favorite show. Time are gone when to reach your TV remote.

Hard to wash your dishes, hang fire for food to becomes hot. Now it’s unchallenged to maintain.

Science reaches from the 20th century to 21st and more on to 22nd era.

Innovations are getting position day by day with new technology. Home IOT,

wireless controlling (Bluetooth/WiFi controlling) are activating on daily to ease the

potential lives of people. Smart bulb lamp to smart stove makes your lives easier and comfortable.

Just by one click or call you can access it within a second.

Smart  Automation Solutions

Far more this robot with Lego and Arduino technology devices are working your labor and

entertaining your fun and games. Smart Door Locks are there for safety and security. NO panic of your home,

the automated system of door locks will keep your home safe and secure, and moreover, you can look over your house from surveillance cameras.
Hurry to drive to school, Late for offices, Now Smart Automation Solutions is there to help you out to

reach your destination on time. its helps you to provide the route of least traffic roads and time

manage to acquire the desired destination.
Difficult to go from one room to another to turn off the appliances so why don’t

you use Control Panel automated system that from a single room you can switch off all the home appliances.

Beside IOT, Software’s are to upgraded to play you in the unique criteria. It’s easy to play

and pause the scenes in the middle of the video. Not more than that you can record the

videos and scenes and share with your friends and families. Connectivity has been gone

to server less, Bridge your friends through video calling and share them anything through social.

Life becomes like superheroes but a person should not be superheroes for himself it

should be a mentor for the whole ecosystem.

Automation Solutions Company

So Alayoubi Technologies gives you an

opportunity to save the incidents and share it with the public. Drones, automated system

provide you the treatment of the immediate incidents.
Many software’s are there that connects you the hospitals international and local to provide

the immediate cure to patients. Counseling apps are given to engage the students and professional

to show their career path.

“Besides black art, there is only automation and mechanization”

There are many services providing these IOT, latest technology services Like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc.
Hence All. IOT, Technology, Innovation are changing the lifestyles of every being, giving them the

power of superheroes. But it’s upon our fingers what to catch up and what to throw back to trash.