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April 7, 20180


With the spread of smart home systems, the quality of living is bettering every day. There is a multitude of things, home automation does for you, but these things have common denominators viz saving time, money and energy. Home automation is preferred by different people for different reasons. Old people admire it for security purposes; middle-aged ones like that it saves energy, money and time, while the youth is a fan because it allows for convenience and customization. Who doesn’t want all these features pre-installed when purchasing a house?

Research shows that 90% of people consider home security the top priority that drives them toward buying a smart home. The second reason after this one that makes people go for smart homes is energy efficiency, closely followed by convenience which takes its spot as the third reason. So, when a buyer goes to the property market, he would prefer a smart home over a typical one. Thus, if you are getting your home automated, you better think about getting those features installed which would increase your property’s value because in the long run home improvement is what would help you greatly.

If you are wondering about which features would help you dial up the notch on your property’s value, here are some that are in demand:


The most helping feature perhaps is the smart security system. It ensures that you always know what is going on. Depending on how many operations the security system can carry out and how integrated it is with the rest of the system, the level of safety it can offer varies. Where some systems can tell one when he is away, about whether the doors and windows are locked or not, other more detailed systems can synchronize with the CCTV surveillance, alarm system, lighting, etc., to provide more security.


A CCTV video system also offers security and peace of mind. It doesn’t just shoo intruders away, but it alerts one regularly. One can view the live footage of what is happening where the CCTV is installed on the screen of his connected devices such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This way one can take measures immediately as he is alerted to the situation if something unusual happens.


The smart thermostat manages the temperature of the house by keeping it cool in the warm seasons and warm in the chillier months of the year. When it senses that the house is vacant, it handles the settings accordingly to save power and money. This makes for convenience and saving.


This also works like the smart thermostat. It switches off the lights when the room is empty and automatically turns on the lights when someone enters the room. Apart from conserving energy, saving money and adding to the ease, smart lighting also makes the ambiance of the house better.

There are other features of home automation as well that contribute to home improvement when it comes to increasing property value. But these are the basic ones that everyone wants.

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