A Smart Bar/Restaurant is one that provides its comfort, energy efficiency and convenience at all times.

Installation of smart products give various benefits like convenience, savings of time, money and energy. Any commercial building including offices, restaurants, and hotels where in addition to convenience, the owner achieves significant energy savings by using automated control system to dim lighting during the day, control lighting, HVAC and blinds based on occupancy.

We use the latest in wireless (Radio frequency RF, Z-wave),  and wired technologies including KNX that ensure reliable operation and comfort to the user, and have several operational smart homes and offices in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE.

smart home

In short

One of the reasons to smart home automation in the first place was because we love collecting and then putting it all together. But when you’re designing your dream smart home, the hardest thing is to finish it, as you’re always adding your next favorite thing.


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