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We focus on added-value services and client needs. We are committed to providing truly open control solutions that allow choice, connectivity and flexibility for consulting, Our in-house engineers and our Building Automation Solutions provide an intelligent and integrated system that allows operator to:

  • Manage your building smart home automation solutions in real-time over the Internet
  • Program, access and monitor systems from a browser
  • Manage geographically dispersed sites (multi-site) with one system
  • Integrated tools and resources for developers and facility Managers; including network management tools, controller programming wizards, graphical development tools, and alarming, scheduling and logging functions, all accessible from a standard Web browser or local station

Here, at  ALAYOUBI our staff is our family. We promote an aura of motivation and instill it in each individual working with us to take customer care seriously

SINCE 2003

Established in 2003 that provides you with top-notch Smart Home and Security products.


Our team of expert engineers and skilled technicians flourishes every day by making no compromises on quality.


What makes us so good at what do is our understanding of what our clients want. We don’t just market products for selling them

At Alayoubi technologies?

•    Quality assured reliable services
•    Intricate and superior craftsmanship in installing products
•    High standards in cost control
•    Delivery on time
•    The best solution for your smart homes in budget

Alayoubi smart home technologies
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In short

One of the reasons to smart home automation in the first place was because we love collecting and then putting it all together. But when you’re designing your dream smart home, the hardest thing is to finish it, as you’re always adding your next favorite thing.


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